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Berkeley Community Pride is proud to present our new Roadside Litter Pick-up initiative C-PAL (Community Partners Against Litter). To further demonstrate our passion to control litter along our county's roadsides, we have created a kit that will contain everything needed for a roadside litter pick-up. The goal is to provide anyone who wants to coordinate a litter pick-up with the resources to do so at a time that is convenient for them! The individual will contact BCP to request a kit two weeks prior to their pick-up and we will deliver the kit to you!

Berkeley Community Pride has seen many organizations over the years coordinate their own pick-ups with minimal resources and we applaud these efforts. We would like to encourage more organizations, school groups, churches, anyone and everyone to care about the roads in their community. Our hope is that with easy access to the resources, more of Berkeley County's citizens will be willing to keep their neighborhoods, parks or any spot dear to them, free of litter.

The kit will include the roadside traffic signs, approved gloves, orange safety vests, bags, "Orang-U-Tongs", and an info packet that includes a sign-in sheet and a tally for litter picked up.

If you are interested in requesting this kit, please email:

**Please note that you must request the kit two weeks prior to your roadside pick-up. We will arrange the delivery of the kit to you. After the litter pick-up, we ask that you arrange for the delivery of the kit back to us along with the Participant Activity Report. We will be keeping track of how much litter is picked up and recognize all pick-ups on our website. These results will also be recorded with Adopt-A-Highway. If you took some pictures, email them to us and we'll put those on the website too! Together We Are Making a Difference!!