Berkeley Community Pride provides outreach to students in varying levels of education in West Virginia.

Berkeley Community Pride Scholarship

Annually, the Shepherd University Environmental Studies faculty will recommend students to receive the Berkeley Community Pride Scholarship based on the following criteria:

Recipient(s) will be a resident of the Eastern Panhandle (Berkeley, Jefferson, Morgan Counties), with a preference given to residents of Berkeley County.

Recipient(s) will be pursuing a major in Environmental Studies.

Recipient(s) will maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be making reasonable progress toward the completion of a degree.

Recipient(s) will submit a one-page essay stating why they chose Environmental Studies as their major, how they would benefit from the award, and include a brief description of their community and/or campus service. Essays are due to the Foundation by March 15th.

Preference may be given to students who are actively participating in community and/or campus service. For each student recommended, the Environmental Studies faculty must provide the following information on the attached form:

Class Year
Major Area of Study
County of Residence
A brief statement about why the student is recommended
A name and signature

Please submit the completed forms and essays to Kristin Alexander at the Shepherd University Foundation no later than March 15th.

The Berkeley Community Pride Board of Directors may award the scholarship to one or more students and will notify the Shepherd University Foundation of the student(s) who shall receive the award. The award(s) will be made through the Shepherd University Foundation and Financial Aid Office.

For questions, please contact Kristin Alexander at (304) 876-5397 or

Scholarship Recipients

Congrats to BCPs 2014-2015 Scholarship recipients from Shepherd University's Environmental Studies program.From the left: Mary Kinnie, BCPs secretary Lisa Armentrout and Christine Lepine. Each one received $500 for the school year. Way to go ladies!

2013 Shepherd University Scholarships Recipients Jared Thomlin and Jonathan D'Autrechy. "Left to right, Jared Thomlin, Lisa Arias-BCP Secretary, and Jonathan D'Autrechy. Jared and Jonathan are recipients of BCP scholarships to continue their students at Shepherd University in Environmental Science."

2012 Shepherd University recipients Trey Knepper and Jared Tomlin.

2011 Shepherd University Scholarships Recipients Steven Schoepe and Trey Knepper.

2010 Shepherd University Scholarships Recipients Michael Whitaker and Steven Schoepe.

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